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TGW LPR Camera: License Plate Recognition, Hardware LED Display, Car Gate Camera


TGW LPR Camera: License Plate Recognition, Hardware LED Display, Car Gate Camera

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System Introduction

License Plate Recognition technology (License Plate Recognition, LPR) is based on the computer technology, image processing technology, and the fuzzy Recognition to build the characteristics of the vehicle model, identify the vehicles' characteristic, such as Plate, model, color, etc. It can automatically extract the plate image from an image, it uses the advanced image processing technology, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence to the collected images information and processing, it can be identify the license plate Numbers, letters and Chinese characters, and directly given recognition result, makes the system become a reality.

License plate recognition system character

1. Can identify vehicle license text and figures
2. Can identify one line and two lines license plate numbe
3. Can recognize 0-2 letters and numbers 1 to 4 for the license plate number
4. Can identify Chinese and English of license plate number
5. The database can store the capture image, license plate number ,lane number and the time of vehicle through record.
6. License plate number entrance and exit record can report output
7. Support English, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese and other language customizable.
8.Image size: 768*576pixels
9.front size: 16*16-48*64 pixels gun level angle: the maximum angle 25 degree into the drive lane gun vertical angle: the maximum angle 25 degree into the horizontal
12.Minimum brightness: 500lux

Recognition rate
> 98%
Recognition speed
< 80 km/h
steel :mental 2.0
Display Module
red and green color
Working Process

How does LPR car parking system works

1.At Entrance: A vehicle goes to in front of the entrance, just before the barrier. The camera automatically recognizes and records the number of plate ,date and time of entry at software ,. The entrance barrier rises allowing the driver access to the car park. The barrier falls down automatically once a vehicle passes.

2. At Exit

A vehicle stops at the exit, just before the barrier. The camera automatically recognizes the plate, then the software will be atomically account the parking fee and show on the LED display ,the driver paid the parking fee, The exit barrier rises, allowing the driver to leave the parking lot . The barrieralls down automatically once a vehicle passes

Engineering Case

Basic functions and characteristics of the system

Fully automatic management of fixed vehicles ,and semi-automatic management of temporary vehicle ,the system reduce vehicle transit time and saving time for drivers, realizing full intelligence management.

①Avoid trouble with card reader installation and maintenance.

②Car owners don't worry about trouble with IC cards lost.

③Unique rolling led electronic display, local language available so that owners and managers read easily.

④Staff reduction and efficiency improvement.

⑤Save the cost of the IC card won't worry about the lack of IC cards.

⑥It can be operated in conjunction with the police alarm system to effectively combat illegal vehicles and assist in social security management.

⑦There are anti-lifting levers, full unloading, photoelectric control, and high-quality hood gates with accurate balancing system.

⑧Reliability and adaptability of digital vehicle detection system.

⑨The brake device ensures that the brake lever will not fall if it is parked under the brake bar, whether it is an approaching vehicle or a reversed vehicle.


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