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Snack Vending Machine With Increased Capacity

Snack Vending Machine With Increased Capacity

Snack Vending Machine With Increased Capacity

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1- Basic Information


The model dimension(height width depth)1985*1180*850mm,its weight (without cash/coin/card acceptor)330kg,it's suitable for operating in school campus,

factories, hospitals, office buildings, residence, airports, station & metro, tourist spot, park, shopping mall, community and other indoor and outdoor occasions.

Engine start:

The model voltage AC 100-240V/50-60HZ.

Scope of sales:

Its cargo channel, spiral type, items will drop from the slot after payment. It's refrigeration system configurationthe temperature can be flexibly adjusted between 4℃ and 25.

It's suitable for selling bottled drinks, canned drinks, packed snacks, barreled snacks, etc. 

Container capacity:

Its cargo channel, spiral type, the standard quantity of slots is 60layers * 10 slots).The cargo channel is adjustable, there are 360-800  commodities can be placed according to the size of commodities.

Shopping experience:

It's 10 inch screen, the shopping section, supporting shopping cart functionmultiple payment methods and convenient purchase.

2- Machine Customization

Structure & hardware:

1.Thickened fuselage, integrated all-steel fuselagethe steel sheet coated with anti-corrosion paint.

2.PVC insulation door seal, dust-proof, water-proof, and insulating temperature inside and outside the machine, more energy-saving and efficient.

3.The base of our machine can be disassembled and replaced independently, we provide several options for the base.

Featured design:

1.Supporting power-off protection.

2.Double layer toughened glass, the glass front defogging system is optional.

3.The commodity detection function at the bottom of the machine.

4.Anti-theft outlet, cash/coin acceptor, security locker.

5.Increased machine capacity & outlet.

Refrigeration technology:

1.Foam molded liner for maintain a constant temperature.

2.Refrigeration modular system, commercial compressor, strong and fast refrigeration, the new eco-friendly refrigerant complies with the latest EU&USA standards.

3.Temperature digital display, supporting remote temperature settings and monitoring.

Payment configurations:

1.Cash,coin,card payment supported, adopting international MDB standard design and supporting various international standards for foreign currency.

2.The machine equipped with monitoring camera, its payment would be safer.

Cost-effective Vending Solutions

Software solutions:

COSISKEY Intelligent SAAS service system

Telemetry icloud service system,remote management,easy software management and intelligent remote operation,it's free to use forever after purchasing the machine.

Its main functions include,

1.Real-time Monitoring

2.Video Surveillance

3.Operation Configurations

4.Fault Alarming

5.Statistics Analysis

6.Income Assessment

7.Mobile APP

Payment solutions:

In addition to the basic cash, coin, card acceptor configurations, the mobile phone payment that international standards version, and other cashless payment, specifically, the QR code, face-scan and other payment functions can be customized and developed by docking with third-party.

COSISKEY service:

1.Our complete service, pre-sales, payment & shipping, after-sales.

2.Pre-sales, just the guidance, specifically, model choice, model configurations, software & function customization, payment customization.

3.Payment&shipping, we negotiate a plan.

4.After-sales, including the new machine operation guidance(hardware and management software), remote trouble shooting and repair guidance, machine upgrade & technical support, spare part supporting, independent maintenance and repair training.

5.Our resources of service, the team(account manager, hardware & software engineer), the cooperate(video&pdf course, online guidance, on-the-spot guidance).


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